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If you have been denied disability, don't give up. An experienced Social Security Attorney can dramatically improve your chances for success. Social Security Disability is all we do. If you use an Advocate Attorneys Boise Social Security Attorney you know you are getting an experienced disability lawyer with a very high success rate. Your Social Security disability application needs to show that you meet certain requirements. We make sure your application shows how you do. You don't pay anything until we win your case, so you can be sure that if there is anyway to win your case, we will work hard to find it.
Boise Disability Lawyers, Boise Idaho

Why Boise Social Security Attorneys?

  • Expedited Claims--Ask us about dire needs requests and on-the-record decisions. If you qualify, we can shorten your waiting dramatically.
  • You Know You Have An Attorney--Non-attorneys cannot represent you in Federal Court and are not legally trained, but they charge the same!
  • Expert Disability Lawyers--Our Social Security attorneys know Social Security law. We prepare high quality applications.
  • We Worry About The Government--Working with a giant bureaucracy can be very stressful. Let us handle the government, you have enough to worry about.
  • You Don't Pay Anything Until We Win--Any good disability attorney will only charge you if they win your case. Don't pay up-front fees to an attorney.
Social security disability lawyers Boise, Idaho

Get your life back...Contact us today! Our Disability Attorneys only work on disability claims. Get a free consultation with an expert Boise Social Security Attorney. Complete the form below or call us at 208-344-3044 to speak with on of our helpful and caring disability lawyers.

Boise Disability Lawyers Boise, Idaho
Boise Disability Lawyers

Applying for disability is complicated. Don't go it alone. We offer you a free consultation to answer your questions and help you get your application on the right track.

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Idaho social security disability attorneys
Frequent Questions

Get your questions answered by a Boise Social Security Attorney. We have answered many common questions in our Frequent Questions section.

Enhanced Application

You can greatly enhance your application with properly written letters of support and medical source statement from your doctor. Our Boise Social Security Attorneys can show you how.

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Prepare For A Hearing

Most people are approved because their case is properly presented to the judge. Your claim must be correctly prepared by a disability attorney. You need to be prepared too. For a start, watch this video.

Disability lawyers Boise, Nampa, Meridian Idaho
Definitely recommend Idaho Disability!
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My attorney was able to get my previous failed applications reopened at the hearing so I was able to get twice as much in back benefits. I am so grateful I chose these lawyers!”
★★★★★ 5 / 5stars
My claim was denied after trying to represent myself. I decided to get some help and chose Idaho Disability because they seemed able to help. Best of all my claim was approved! I would definitely recommend Idaho Disability!”
I am so glad I did not hire someone else!
★★★★★ 5 / 5stars
My experience was stress free. They were very helpful. They listened with consideration, care and empathy. I am so glad I did not hire someone else. I highly recommend them.”