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BOISE, ID – As discussed in part 1, your medical records are critical, and you can do some things to make sure your records accurately reflect your condition and will be given proper credit. In part 1 we discussed the importance of not talking to your doctor about Social Security Disability and about the importance of keeping a journal. If you haven’t read part 1, you may want to do so before proceeding – Part 1

Now lets proceed to the remaining way of getting the most out of your Doctors visit for Social Security Social Security:

4.        Don’t Discuss Your Social Security Application With Your Doctors—It’s important to remember that you’re at the doctor for treatment.  Likewise, your doctor is there to help you get better and carry on with your life.  Doctors don’t want to feel that you are only using their services to ensure they write down information that will help you get disability.

Additionally, Social Security reviews medical records prior to making a decision.  If they see you are discussing your chances of getting disability with your doctor, they may begin to question whether or not they can believe what you have told the doctor.  If you feel the need to discuss your disability claim, please contact our disability attorneys.

5.       Follow The Treatment Plan Your Doctor Has Set—It is imperative that you follow the treatment instructions and recommendations made by your doctor.  Make certain that you follow up on all treatment recommendations if possible.  If you choose not to follow your doctor’s treatment plan, have a valid reason as to why you cannot or will not and discuss this with your doctor PRIOR to stopping or making any changes to your treatment.

6.       Repeat Yourself—Make certain that you voice the symptoms that you have been experiencing at every doctor visit.  Do this even if you have made your doctor aware of these symptoms in the past.  Utilize your journal to make your doctor aware of new limitations that have come up.  Hopefully your doctor will write some of your limitations down for Social Security to see them.  Social Security wants to be able to see that your symptoms are continuing and find symptoms that appear in your records over time to be more credible.  This is also an ideal way to make your doctor feel comfortable filling out any forms that we may send to him or her.  These forms will ask your doctor to describe your limitations.

Your medical records must reflect your disability as well as limitations it may cause.  While the above hints will help you do that, it is best to have a consultation with a Boise Social Security attorney.  They can assist you in making certain that your medical evidence is prepared in the best way to demonstrate your disability.  Hiring a good Social Security attorney can help ensure that your case is presented right the first time.

Our attorneys offer an initial consultation at no charge with no obligation.  During this meeting you will discuss your situation and determine the best plan of action.  We are happy to help all citizens of Boise, Idaho as well as the surrounding areas.


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