Boise social security attorneys firm. Our Social Security Attorneys recognize that pain can have a tremendous impact on your daily life and severely affect your overall ability to function.  If you are constantly suffering from pain and are unable to maintain employment as the result of it, you may qualify for Social Security Disabiltiy benefits.  We encourage you to contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Our Social Security attorneys realize that pain is frequently a factor when an individual makes the decision to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Social Security Insurance (SSI). However, there is no clear way for a doctor to diagnose how much pain you are in because it is a subjective symptom.  As a result, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will look for objective evidence to back up your claim of pain.  Examples of subjective evidence include MRI, X-ray, or lab results that indicate a medical problem that can likely be the cause of your pain.

Why Work With A Social Security Attorney?

Your credibility is a huge factor when it comes to pain.  The judge hearing your case must decide whether or not he or she believes your account of the pain including location, severity, and frequency of occurrence.  Furthermore, they must determine if it places enough functional limitation on your body to prevent you from working.  As a result, it is imperative that you accurately describe your pain.  It is vital that you do not overstate or understate your pain.  The judge will compare your statements regarding your pain and decrease in function to the objective medical evidence that you submit.

If there is an obvious discrepancy, you must be able to explain it or the judge is likely to question your credibility.  This likely will result in the judge considering your testimony untruthful and determining that you are not disabled. This is why it is so important that you have a local Boise disability attorney represent you.  Our expert disability attorneys have extensive experience piecing together quality Social Security Disability cases that will make certain the judge understands that you are truly disabled.  In fact, our attorneys have assisted clients get approved for disability after their claim was denied more than once.

Boise Social Security Attorneys firm in Idaho.

Call our offices today at 208-334-3044 or complete the online form to request a free consultation today.  Our Social Security Attorneys have an extremely high success rate and only receive payment if your claim is approved.  Let our Attorneys begin work on your case today.


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