Don’t loose hope if you are denied on your claim.  Everyday we help clients who have been denied get their benefits.  Our Social Security attorneys believe that those who have worked hard and qualified for Social Security Disability Benefits deserve those benefits when they can’t work. Our Boise Social Security attorneys work with you, your family and your doctors to fully develop your case to clearly demonstrate your disability.

We Can Make A Difference For You!

We can dramatically improve your chances of success.  Statistically, claimants who do not have an attorney are far less likely to get approved when they go before a judge.  In fact, we have a very high success rate.  We work hard to make sure that if there is any possible way to get your claim approved, we find it!

Our Social Security attorneys work with you and your doctors to get the documentation you need.

Medical records are the most important element of your case. Our Social Security attorneys work hard to get the objective medical evidence that Social Security needs so that they can make a favorable decision.  We also help your doctors to prepare medical source statements that support your disability.

Our Social Security Attorneys present your case in the most favorable way.

How your case is presented is as important as what medical evidence you have. If someone offered you the choice of two pieces of the same cake, but immediately before you chose, they smashed one piece with a fork, you would of course choose the piece that was not smashed. The elements of both pieces are exactly the same, but the unsmashed piece looks as you expect a piece of cake to look. Our Social Security attorneys can present your case so that it looks how a disability case should look to a judge, which greatly increases your chances for success.

Our disability lawyers help you present a credible case.

Your credibility is your most important asset.  It’s important that you do not exaggerate any element of your case.  If a judge gets the sense that you can’t be trusted, it is almost guaranteed that you won’t get approved.  Our disability lawyers help you correct innocent mistakes that may hurt your credibility if not addressed.

Maximize Your Benefits.

Our Social Security Attorneys will help you to be found disabled at the earliest possible date.  Your alleged onset date is the date you first became disabled.  It is typically your last day of work, but there are rules for things like failed work attempts that can be used to push your onset date back even further.

Our Disability lawyers help you to avoid and correct mistakes.

Many claimants make innocent missteps in their application that can have serious consequences to their application. Our Social Security attorneys help you to avoid making such mistakes and can help you correct any mistakes you may have already made.

Our Social Security Attorneys help you stay the course.

You can’t ever receive your disability benefits if you give up. Our Social Security attorneys help you keep going.  Winning benefits can be a long and complicated process. You don’t have to deal with Social Security alone.

Our Disability lawyers appeal your loses.

If you are denied benefits, you can appeal.  In some cases all the way to federal court.

Our Social Security Attorneys Prepare You For Your Hearing

Your case is not the only thing that needs to be prepared for a hearing, you need to be prepared as well.  We prepare you so well for what will happen at your hearing that you will not have any worries about how you will do when the day of your hearing arrives. See Prepare For A Hearing for more information.

Our Disability lawyers help you at the hearing.

Your disability attorney will be right there with you at your hearing to help you avoid making mistakes and to help redirect you if you do happen to make a mistake.