Your Hearing Is Your Best Chance Of Getting Your Benefits.

Most people who are approved for Social Security Disability benefits are approved by a judge. This is done at your disability hearing.  For this reason, having an attorney to help you prepare is critical–you may not get a second chance at your hearing.  There are a few things that need to be done to make your application the best it can be. For a free consultation on what you need to do to prepare for your hearing, call 208-344-3044 (Boise, Idaho), 208-466-2972 (Nampa, Idaho) or click HERE.

What To Expect At Your Hearing

Your disability attorney will accompany you to your hearing.  Before your hearing, the attorney will consult with you to determine if any witnesses will testify on your behalf.  At the hearing, you will of course have a judge present.  The judge will conduct the hearing.  He or she will ask you many questions about your personal life or have your attorney ask questions of you. Some may make you wonder why the judge wants to know about certain details of your life.  Answer all the questions the best you can.  Also at the hearing will be a vocational expert (VE).  This expert will testify what jobs you might still be able to do even with the limitations from your disability.  The judge and your attorney will ask questions of the VE.

We May Be Able To Shorten Your Wait.

Most people will end up waiting the entire 12-18 months for a hearing. But if your case meets some special criteria, your attorney can use a process called on-the-record decision, where he asks a Social Security attorney who works for the ODAR office to take a look at your case while you wait for a hearing. If this attorney sees enough in the file to find you disabled, you can skip your hearing altogether.

In addition, if you are in imminent danger of losing your home or have other special needs, we can sometimes shorten your wait through a dire needs request.