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    Our Nampa Social Security Attorneys specialize in helping claimants win their disability claim.  Let us turn your denied claim into benefits. Find us on Google+Disability Lawyers - Nampa, ID - LocationDisability Lawyers - Nampa, ID - Location

    • Extremely Successful--We get benefits for the vast majority of the claimants we assist.  Our success with yoru claim depends on your medical records and your limitations.
    • Expedited Applications--We may be able to cut months off of your disability application. We work hard to get you an on-the-record decision.
    • Expert Nampa Social Security Attorneys--Our disability attorneys only work on Social Security disability claims.
    • We Guarantee You Will Be Happy--Because we don`t get paid unless you receive benefits--If there is any way to win your case, we will find it or you don't owe us anyting.
    • You Don't Pay Unless We Win!-- We provide no cost, no obligation consultations and don't charge a fee unless we win.
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NO Fee Until We Win Your Benefits!

Social Security Attorneys Nampa Idaho. A local Social Security attorney is your best chance of getting approved.  We work with the local judges and know how to best present your case to them.  Out of state law firms don't have a chance to get to know our juges and how to prepare your case for each one. 

Beware Non-Attorney Representatives. There are non-attorney representives in Nampa who won't let you know they are not attorneys, but they charge you the same as an attorney. These non-attorneys cannot appeal your case to Federal court if needed and have not been legally trained.  More importantly, there is no one that holds them accountable for bad behavior. Don't gamble with your claim--make sure you have an actual Social Security attorney.

Nampa, Idaho

GET YOUR DISABILITY CLAIM REVIEWED. Our Social Security attorneys can help you to get the benefits you deserve.  Get a FREE CONSULTTION with a Nampa Social Security Attorney, not a secretary. Call 344-3044 for a Disability Attorney.

Nampa, Idaho
  • Excellent Service!

    They were very quick to handle my claims. Always kept me up to date and took care of everything for me so I wouldn\'t have too! I would completely recommend Idaho Disability!”
    - Amy D.

    Very Good Service!

    I am very pleased with the attorneys from Idaho Disability. They always answer the phone when I call or return my calls. I have been treated very professionally and as someone that matters. I would recommend to my friends.”
    - Charles P.

    They got my claim approved.

    My claim was denied after trying to represent myself. I decided to get some help and chose Idaho Disability because they seemed sincere and able to help. They took care of all the frustrating parts and that was a big relief. Best of all my claim was approved! I would definitely recommend Idaho Disability!”
    - James E.

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    New Nampa Social Security Attorneys Firm

    Nampa Social Security Attorney Firm Offering Free Consultations. Call 208-466-2972 today. NAMPA, ID -We can significantly increase your chances for success. Social Security is all we do. We guarantee our services--You don't pay unless we win. Call today for your free consultation. Advocate Attorneys, a Social Security Social Security attorney law practice, has opened an office in Nampa, Idaho, offering services to the disabled in Nampa, Idaho. This will be a significant benefit to the disabled in Nampa.  They no longer have to...[read more]

    Should I Appeal My Denial?

    Should I Appeal My Denial?

    Nampa, Idaho - Social Security applications with the Social Security Administration can be very complicated and hard to sort through the various regulations. Many people give up after the initial denial when they should keep trying.  If after your initial claim you find yourself in a situation where your claim was denied but you need to decide whether you are likely to win an appeal, you may want to contact an attorney. Social Security disability lawyers in Nampa, Idaho can evaluate your...[read more]

    Make Sure You See An Actual Doctor

    Make Sure You See An Actual Doctor

    NAMPA, Idaho -Because as many as 60 to 70 percent of disability claims are denied at the initial level, it is certainly a good idea to use the services of an experienced Nampa Social Security Attorney.  Professional advice will help to ensure that your disability claim will not only be presented in the best possible light by a legal expert who understands how to present your claim convincingly and thoroughly, but will help you to prepare the best possible evidence for...[read more]

    Your Social Security Must Be Severe

    Your Social Security Must Be Severe

    Nampa, Idaho.  Before someone is considered to be disabled, their medical condition must be severe. The nature of the disability may be physical or mental, but must severely limit the ability to perform basic job responsibilities. Social Security does not define what constitutes a severe impairment very well, except to say that if an impairment has a minimal effect, such a disability is not considered a severe disability. If you believe you have a disability that greatly hinders your ability...[read more]

    Disabled By Fibromyalgia?

    Disabled By Fibromyalgia?

    NAMPA, Idaho.  Our Social Security Attorneys in Nampa Idaho and Boise Idaho understand that fibromyalgia can be painful.  For many years, fibromyalgia was not taken seriously by Social Security judges.  However, Social Security has begun to recognize it as an established condition that can be verified.  SSA issued a ruling, SSR 12-2p in July 2012 establishing under what criteria a claim of fibromyalgia should be reviewed by judges. Patients describe fibromyalgia symptoms as an ongoing pain, which occurs throughout the body....[read more]