Nampa Social security attorney firm in Nampa, IdahoNAMPA, Idaho.  Our Social Security Attorneys understand that fibromyalgia can be painful.  For many years, fibromyalgia was not taken seriously by Social Security judges.  However, Social Security has begun to recognize it as an established condition that can be verified.  SSA issued a ruling, SSR 12-2p in July 2012 establishing under what criteria a claim of fibromyalgia should be reviewed by judges.

Patients describe fibromyalgia symptoms as an ongoing pain, which occurs throughout the body. A significant difficulty with fibromyalgia is the inability of doctors to ascertain an identifiable source for the diffuse pain that claimants experience. Because MRI’s or X-rays are unable to determine the cause of the pain, fibromyalgia has often been dismissed as nonsense by both doctors and Social Security judges. However, due to the new ruling, which gives definition to fibromyalgia, and how it can be a disabling condition, more and more disability judges are willing to grant disability solely on the basis of a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

You really need to be seen by a trained medical physician, or a physician who specializes in osteopathy. You cannot be diagnosed by a physician assistant, chiropractor or other non-doctor. Also, you should see your physician on a regular basis, and your medical history must support a fibromyalgia diagnosis.

Demonstrating Fibromyalgia.

SSR 12-2p sets out two ways for establishing the authenticity of your fibromyalgia:

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Criteria A.  Criteria A of SSR 12-2p states that you must have a history of widespread pain, or pain in all quadrants of the body (the right and left side of the body and above and below the waist area).  The doctor must also find 11 of 18 tender points using specific methods.  You must also demonstrate other common symptoms are not caused by other diseases or conditions.

Criteria B.  Criteria B  of SSR 12-2p requires widespread pain throughout the quadrants of the body. The patient must also have signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia which include fatigue, memory problems, depression, anxiety, cramps, headaches, nausea, nervousness, chest pains, seizures, loss of appetite, and dry eyes, just to name a few. The diagnoses must also show that other symptoms or diseases have been ruled out.  For example, Lymes disease, which has similar signs and symptoms to fibromyalgia.

If you have fibromyalgia, call our offices today.  A Nampa Social Security Attorney or in Boise Idaho can help you get approved for Social Security Social Security benefits.  They will work with you in getting the needed medical records and other documentation, including letters from those who are familiar with your condition, such as family members, friends, pastors and others.  Keep in mind that the more reliable witnesses you can produce and the longer you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia by your physician, the stronger your case will be.

Get a free consultation today with a Social Security Attorney and improve your chances of success of getting approved for disability because of your fibromyalgia.


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