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Advocate Attorneys, a Social Security Social Security attorney law practice, has opened an office in Nampa, Idaho, offering services to the disabled in Nampa, Idaho.

This will be a significant benefit to the disabled in Nampa.  They no longer have to make the drive to Boise, Idaho to get first rate legal assistance with their disability application.  And using a local attorney has the added benefit of the attorney knowing the local judges and staff that will be processing the individual’s claim and making the critical decisions as to whether the individual will receive benefits.

Nampa has grown from 25,000 not too long ago to over 90,000 today. For quite some time, people living in Nampa have been accustomed to making a 30 minute drive to Boise, Idaho if they wanted to take advantage of first rate professional services, including a disability attorney. Our social security attorney firm will be the only law office in Nampa, Idaho dedicated to Social Security disability. Nampa does not yet have its own Social Security office.  The Social Security office serving Nampa is in Caldwell, Idaho located at 1118 SOUTH KIMBALL AVE CALDWELL, ID 83605.  And in a recent move, the Billings, Montana ODAR opened a satellite office in Boise, Idaho located at 720 Park Blvd. Suite 275 Boise, ID 83712

Our Social Security Attorney Success

social security disability attorney office in Nampa, Idaho

Our Social Security Attorney firm has been highly successful in assisting claimants with their Social Security disability claims.  Over 90% of the claimants we help are able to receive their benefits at some point in the application process.  But any claimant’s success depends on the facts of their case, and Advocate Attorneys does not represent everyone who contacts their office.  In fact, they are highly selective of who they will represent.   An Idaho disability attorney will also offer services in areas surrounding Nampa, such as Caldwell, Idaho, Ontario, Oregon, Meridian, Idaho, Kuna, Idaho, Boise, Idaho and Mountain Home, Idaho.  For more information, call 208-344-3044 in Boise, Idaho or 208-466-2972 in Nampa, Idaho

Advocate Attorneys are expert disability lawyers who can dramatically increase your chances of winning disability benefits.  They offer a free consultation.  Simply call 208-466-2972 and you will be able to speak with a local disability attorney who will treat you with the respect and assist you with completing all of your appeals.


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