Our Nampa Social Security Lawyers can help get you approved.Nampa, Idaho.  Before someone is considered to be disabled, their medical condition must be severe. The nature of the disability may be physical or mental, but must severely limit the ability to perform basic job responsibilities. Social Security does not define what constitutes a severe impairment very well, except to say that if an impairment has a minimal effect, such a disability is not considered a severe disability. If you believe you have a disability that greatly hinders your ability to do work, contact Nampa Social Security Lawyers who are experienced disability attorneys. An attorney will help determine if you qualify for Social Security disability payments.

What is Necessary to Win a Social Security Judgment?

Whatever your symptoms are, you will need medical evidence such as MRI’s X-Rays, medical findings and laboratory findingss to show that your symptoms were caused by a medical condition that would be expected to produce those types of symptoms. This kind of objective evidence is essential to demonstrate that your symptoms, such as fatigue, shortness of breath, pain, nervousness or weakness is hindering your ability to do your job. The issue is really simple. It is a credibility issue.  A judge needs to believe that your symptoms and limitations are really as severe as you claim they are.

Nampa Social Security Lawyers And Convincing A Social Security Judge.

A judge must evaluate all the medical evidence in your file before determining the severity of your condition. Even if a judge determines your physical impairment would be expected to cause the symptoms you have, that will not necessarily mean he will find you to be disabled. He will have to also determine if your physical condition will hinder you enough that you will be unable to perform routine work functions.

In fact, a judge will usually find your physical limitations are severe because you will only have to prove your symptoms have caused more than a minimal effect on your ability to do your job. A judge must rule your condition is severe if he cannot clearly demonstrate it is not severe. He will then have to determine if you are able to do work.

Having your work history reports done correctly is critical in the process. A good Social Security Attorney can help you with your function report as well.  Contact us today for a free consultation.  Get the help  you need and avoid common mistakes that can affect your chances for getting your benefits.  If you decide you need a Social Security attorney, you won’t pay anything unless we win! Call to speak to our expert disability lawyers.

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