Applying for disability is stressful because you have more questions than answers.  This resource page is meant to make your application for Social Security Disability less stressful.

Below is an overview of the disability process that can help answer some of these questions.  Also Below are some resources that are often helpful to our clients.  In addition, we have attempted to answer some of the more common questions in the FAQ section of this website.

Call us to request copies of the following documents:

  • Overview of Disability Application
  • Understanding Doctors’ Role
  • Low Cost Medical
  • Low Cost Housing
  • Should I Apply Myself?
  • Getting Ready For Your Hearing
  • Preparing For Your Hearing–Video
  • How To Write A Good Letter Of Support

Social Security Attorneys Boise Idaho

When you are disabled and unable to work, a disability application is the last thing you want to deal with. Most claims are denied, but don’t give up on your disabilility application–give it to us! The Social Security Attorneys at Advocate Disability Attorneys know how to get you the benefits you deserve.