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Each disability benefit program has different non-medical qualifications, but both require you to show that you are too disabled to work. Also, each program provides different benefits.

SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income, and this program is for people without enough earned work credits to qualify for SSD.  SSI is also referred to as  Title XIV benefits.  SSI requires that your income and other financial resources are below certain levels.  For 2014, you can not earn more than approximately $721 a month as an individual or $1,082 a month as a couple. This amount tends to increase every year.

SSD is for those who have enough work credits and have worked in recent years. SSD is also referred to as Title II.  SSD is an insurance program that you pay into when you are actively working. So the benefits are benefits you have earned and deserve to receive. The process for claiming and getting approved for SSD benefits is similar to making a claim on your car insurance. SSD is not a welfare program like SSI.

Our job as Social Security attorneys is to get you approved for drawing on this insurance.   But the only way to receive SSD benefits is to have earned enough work credits.  This means that you 

Our Boise Social Security Attorneys can help get you approved.

must have worked 5 of the last ten years, and you must have a certain number of total lifetime credits.  As an adult, the rule of thumb is that you have to work at least 10 years during your lifetime in order to obtain SSD benefits.

SSD monetary benefits are generally more than SSI and the medical benefits are very different. People who qualify for SSD benefits can also receive Medicare after two years in the Title II program. SSI beneficiaries are eligible for Medicaid immediately after receiving approval for SSI disability benefits. 

Some people prioritize medical benefits over anything else. Many people want the immediate Medicaid benefits that comes with SSI, but they are qualified for the SSD disability benefits.  You cannot pick and choose which program you want. If you have enough work credits, you will get SSD and not SSI.

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